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Contracts Administration FAQs

In an effort to address potential questions and answers that may arise during the contracting process, the following list has been prepared.  Should you have a question that is not listed below, please reach out at ContractsAdministration@SanManuel.Com, and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Why should contracts always be in writing?

To have a documented record of the responsibilities of SMBMI and its affiliates and other parties to the contract.

Q. What contracts should be sent to Contracts Administration for review before they are signed?

All contracts should be sent to Contracts Administration to be reviewed by executive management, the Legal Department, and submitted to be signed.

Q. When and how should I send a contract to Contracts Administration?

Any work that requires a signed contract shall be submitted to Contracts Administration via Conga.  Conga training and job aids are available for all Requestors responsible for uploading requests into the system. 

Q. Who else may need to review a contract?

The Legal Department will need to review the contract and negotiate any terms and conditions.  Additionally, the Risk Department and any department that will need to provide support or personnel to fulfill the obligations should review and approve the contract before it is signed (i.e. Infosec).

Q. Who can sign on behalf of San Manuel and its entities?

Under the policy, only certain positions have been designated with signature authority.  VP Finance, VP Accounting, SVP Finance (Casino), Chief Officers, CFO, GM, EA, CEO, BC, and Chair/Vice-Chair.

Q. Am I permitted to sign a contract on behalf of San Manuel and its entities?

Only the titles listed in #7 above may contractually bind San Manuel and its entities.

Q. Who keeps the original copy of the contract after it has been signed?

All fully-signed contracts reside within Conga which is managed by Contracts Administration.  All BU’s receive copies of executed contracts for their records.

Q. If I decide to terminate a contract before it expires, or not to renew a contract at the end of its term, do I need to consult with anyone before doing so?

Yes.  Contact Contracts Administration to facilitate the request and they will coordinate with Legal to prepare a termination notice in accordance with the terms of the agreement.  Termination notices are also stored in Conga and linked to the agreements they terminate.

Procurement FAQs

Q. At what value do you need a quote?

General goods/services
Under $10,000 a quotation is required from at least one source
Up to $25,000 quotations are required from at least two sources (if available)
Over $25,000 quotations are required from three or more sources (if available)

Construction (CIP)
Under $100,000 a quotation is required from at least one source
Up to $250,000 quotations are required from at least two sources (if available)
Over $250,000 quotations are required from three or more sources (if available)
* Lower thresholds should be considered for bids whenever feasible 

Any questions regarding this matter please be sure to contact your Buyer

Q. Where should invoices be sent?

All invoices pertaining Tribal can be sent to: Tribalaccountspayable@sanmanuel.com

All invoices pertaining Casino can be sent to:  Accountspayable@sanmanuel.com

Q. When is an NDA Required?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) should be obtained from Procurement Services and executed prior to releasing any proprietary or confidential SMBMI information

Q. When does a vendor require a Gaming License?

Vendor Licensing 
Vendors doing business with the Casino may require a Gaming Resource Supplier License. Determination is made through evaluation by the Gaming Commission based on spend, commodity/service type and risk level associated in conducting business

Q. When is a formal RFP Required?

A RFP process should be used for annual cumulative purchases (or single purchases involving more than price) over $500,000. Using defined specifications or statements of work, proposals will be evaluated by departmental stakeholders using multiple criteria, such as price, qualifications and service

The VP and Director of Procurement have the ability to require RFPs as deemed appropriate for all other levels of spend

Q. When is a Single Source NOT Required?

Exemptions to the Bid Process
The following categories have been defined as exempt from the bid process and do not require a single source justification.

  • Advertising (i.e. billboards, radio, TV, newspaper)
  • Building Permits and Inspections
  • Existing software maintenance, renewals and upgrades
  • Gift Cards (i.e. Amazon, Best Buy)
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Investments
  • Legal Counsel
  • Postmaster
  • Project Designer specified FF&E and direct procured building materials/systems
  • Recruiters
  • Retail specialty lines
  • Sensitive services as approved by the CFO/CEO