Tribal Government's Operation | San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
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How We Operate

As a sovereign tribal nation, we work within our own system of government and ordinances.


Our Tribal Government provides political and economic security to our people, while developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the United States and other governments.

We work to advance sovereignty and build self-sufficiency for our Tribe through economic development and infrastructure.

Putting the community at the center of our mission allows us to generously give back through several initiatives.  Revenues generated through businesses and partnerships helps to support Tribal operations, the local community, and tribal nations not engaged in gaming.

Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena addresses the audience at the Forging Hope Awards ceremony in Yaamava' Theater at Yaamava' Resort & Casino.
How We’re Structured
Our government is made up of three bodies:
Governing Council

Made up of all Tribal Citizens aged 21 and over, the Governing Council works as the legislative branch. Members serve as our governing council, developing laws and making decisions on all major Tribal matters.

Tribal Council

An elected seven-member body that oversees our Tribe’s day-to-day operations, including economic ventures, enforcement of bylaws and policies, protection of business interests, and preservation of the sovereignty of our Tribe. Each member is elected by the Governing Council and serves a four-year term.

Our judicial branch, which interprets and applies tribal law, along with federal and state laws. The court exercises general jurisdiction over our citizens and those who have consented to tribal jurisdiction.