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San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Launches Tribal Lifestyle Magazine

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August 20, 2021

Highland, Calif. (August 20, 2021) – The lifestyle magazine, Hamiinat, which means “Hello” in the tribe’s native serrano language officially launched earlier this month with celebrations for San Manuel team members and tribal citizens. The magazine is designed to tell the stories of the Tribe: past, present and future – shining a light on the vibrant culture, values and accomplishments of the Tribe.

“In the inaugural issue of Hamiinat, we proudly feature Santos Manuel on the cover, the leader of the Yuhaaviatam people. If it hadn’t been for him, we wouldn’t be where we are today: on the verge of exciting new changes”, said San Manuel Chairman, Ken Ramirez, who is the great, great grandson of Santos Manuel. “We invite everyone to learn more about our history and our heritage, as well as the team members that make San Manuel great.”

The sleek and glossy oversized pages will be filled with culturally rich content aimed at educating and inspiring the Tribal Community, as well as external partners, team members and guests, about the origin, culture, values, and vision of San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. Readers can also expect to find engaging editorial content about San Manuel’s philanthropy and sports partnerships, as well as profiles on team members and feature stories on unique amenities at San Manuel Casino.

“The Yuhaaviatam Clan has always used storytelling to honor the strength, perseverance, and resiliency of our people”, said Audrey Martinez, Hamiinat Editor in Chief and San Manuel Business Committee Secretary. “We are so pleased to share Hamiinat with our Tribal Citizens, team members, guests and our community.”

The magazine will have two issues in 2021 – August and December - and three issues will be distributed in 2022 beginning in the spring.

Hamiinat can be read by all in a digital format by clicking here. 

Hamiinat is complimentary for all San Manuel Casino guests and can be picked up at various locations throughout the property. Guests of Bear Springs Hotel in Highland can pick up a copy in the lobby or enjoy the digital version from the tablet in their room.

About the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians:
The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is a federally recognized American Indian tribe located near the City of Highland, California. The Serrano Indians are the indigenous people of the San Bernardino highlands, passes, valleys and mountains who share a common language and culture. The San Manuel Reservation was established in 1891 when the Tribe was recognized as a sovereign nation with the right of self-government. As an indigenous community, the origins and history of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians stem from our relationship with the land and to all who share it. Since ancient times we have expressed ourselves through a culture of giving. Today, San Manuel is able to answer the call of Yawa' (Serrano word meaning “to act on one's beliefs”) through partnerships with charitable organizations. San Manuel has drawn upon its history, knowledge, expertise and cultural values to direct its philanthropic giving to the local region, as well as to Native American causes nationwide.