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Stand With Us

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We have been engaged in MMIP advocacy since 2019. MMIP is a social movement created to bring awareness to the epidemic of violence and injustice that Indigenous people face daily across the United States and Canada. 

We stand side by side with tribal nations to fight for justice until it is earned. The power in community and one shared voice is what will raise the awareness needed to bring more advocacy that shines a light on this issue of Indigenous people who are missing or have been murdered.

The many powerful stories that have been shared of the bravery of families compels us to continue this work. It serves as a reminder that all Indigenous people are people. We have names. We have families. We have communities. We have lives worth living.

We will continue to stand for justice. Thank you for standing with us.

Tribal Youth speaking at California State Assembly
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More likely for Native American women to be murdered or sexually assaulted 

Source: United States Department of Justice 

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Highest cause of death among American Indian and Alaskan Native women ages 10-24 years old is murder

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention Homicide 
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Murdered and missing indigenous women and girls reported in 2016 (only 116 logged in DOJ database)

Source: Urban Indian Health Institute

Policy Initiatives & Landmarks

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In the ongoing battle against the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples (MMIP) crisis, there has been a notable stride in legislative efforts, marking a significant shift towards addressing the profound challenges faced by Native communities.

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May 5, 2019

The White House proclamation officially designates the date as the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls.

Department of Justice

Executive Order 13898 (Operation Lady Justice) creates a task force for missing and murdered American Indian/Alaska Native peoples that will address the concerns of Indigenous communities in the U.S., such as data collection, policies, establish cold-case teams and improve investigative responses. 


Savanna's Act

Savanna’s Act becomes law and requires the Department of Justice to review, revise and develop policies and protocols to address MMIP cases. 

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) announces the formation of the Missing and Murdered Unit that will focus on analyzing and solving MMIP cases. 

MMIP Day of Action

The California Statewide Feather Alert Program—established by Assembly Bill 1314, authored by Assembly member James Ramos (D-40th District)—ensures that information about a missing Indigenous person (of any gender or age) is immediately issued by the California Highway Patrol over radio, television and social media (similar to the Amber Alert).

Make sure every case is counted

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If you have had a loved one who has been murdered or gone missing and have already contacted the authorities, visit the Sovereign Bodies Institute to add them to the national database.