Inspiring the next generation of tribal leadership

The Internship Program focuses on driving Tribal Community passions and interests through hands on experience. We value our sovereignty and seek to guide both Tribal Citizens and Tribal Community members with skills and careers that will enrich their lives and contribute to the continued success and self-sufficiency of our Tribe.

Available programs


14-15 Tribal Internship Program

Ages 14–15 years old

Discover unique opportunities for young teens to develop in-demand skills and experience.

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16-17 Tribal Internship Program

Ages 16–17 years old

See how our intensive programs help students take the future into their own hands.

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Tribal Professional Development Program

Ages 18+

Explore proven pathways that turn today’s Tribal youth into tomorrow’s professional leaders.

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Internship Highlights

“I think it’s important for the Tribal Community to participate in the internship program because they will learn skills that are necessities, like self-defense and CPR. Those skills are very important.”

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“Being able to be a part of this program is greatly helping me decide on what I want to do in the future. I am enjoying every second so far and I’m looking forward to these next few weeks.”

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“You’re never too young or old to learn with an internship—this is a venture to find your path to the future. Plus, you will discover skills you didn’t know you had.”

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“As a college student who is interested in business I saw it as an opportunity to see how a part of a business that I have never seen before works.”

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