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Calendar of Events:

  • June 22: 
  • Entrepreneur High School Open House,
    10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
  • June 26: 
  • Entrepreneur High School Open House,
    3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
  • June 28:
    Registration for Highland Senior Center
    University Classes, 9 a.m.


The Legacy of Santos Manuel
Tribal Leader recognized posthumously by University of Redlands
Santos Manuel

Faced with the certain demise of his people, Santos Manuel led his clan of Serrano people down from their mountain homeland to the foothills of San Bernardino.

In 1866, his Tribe had been decimated by the raids of a local militia, leaving fewer than 30 survivors. Through his bravery and wisdom, Santos Manuel led his people to safety and helped establish the federally recognized tribe that bears his name.

Earlier this month, the University of Redlands posthumously awarded Santos Manuel with an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters for his heroic efforts to save his people and preserve Serrano culture, values and sovereignty.

“It is an honor for this Native American hero to be recognized in this way and a testament to his leadership in a time of great peril,” said San Manuel Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena. The Chairwoman, Secretary Ken Ramirez, Tribal Treasurer Leticia Casas and Business Committee member Audrey Martinez accepted the honorary degree on behalf of the Tribe’s patriarch.

San Manuel continues to honor the life of Santos Manuel through community partnerships and an ongoing commitment to improving the health, education and economic development of our region. In so doing, we maintain our connection with the land and all those who share in it, now and for generations to come.


Smoother Ride for East Citrus Street and Adjoining Cul-de-sacs

Motorists traveling on East Citrus Street and adjoining cul-de-sacs between Victoria Avenue and Bangor Street, can now experience a smooth ride on the newly paved roads.

Despite the rains, crews finished the latest phase of road work ahead of schedule. The road repairs are part of the Tribally-funded Victoria Avenue Improvements Project.

Improvements included the grinding and asphalt resurfacing of East Citrus Street, as well as the connecting cul-de-sacs on Indian Canyon Court between East Citrus Street and Piedmont Drive. The completed curb and gutter work also included new ADA compliant curb ramps.

Citrus Street Construction

Citrus Street Repaved

With this latest phase of work complete, we want to thank our Kiika’ neighbors for your patience and understanding to make this a success. We especially thank motorists for slowing down on East Mirada Road.

We will continue to share details on the future phases of street improvements in upcoming Kiika’ Bulletins. In addition, we wanted to let you know that Southern California Edison may be doing roadwork in the area as part of its separate project to install communications cabling on side streets east of Victoria Avenue.

Forging Hope Yawa’ Awards

Yawa Award

Yawa’ is an ancient Serrano word that is becoming well known here in the Inland Empire.

Yawa’ means “to act on one’s beliefs.” It is a word that is deeply meaningful to our San Manuel community. A “call to Yawa’” reflects one of the Tribe’s core principles, a culture of giving.

San Manuel answers this call to Yawa’ through partnerships with many essential nonprofit organizations. For the past 11 years, the Tribe has hosted the Forging Hope Yawa’ Awards to recognize nonprofit partners across the region and throughout Indian Country who follow the call to Yawa’ in their communities.

Each year the Yawa’ Award, which is a handpainted gourd rattle, is awarded to a nonprofit in the categories of Health, Education, Economic/ Community Development and Special Projects.

This year, hundreds of representatives from nonprofit organizations gathered for breakfast at the National Orange Show to recognize this year’s deserving recipients:

  • • Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health Clinic
  • •Bright Prospects
  • •Family Assistance Program
  • •Advocates for Indigenous California
    Language Survival

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