Program Areas

San Manuel’s charitable giving program supports organizations that provide services in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Applications are also accepted from Tribal Governments and Tribal nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

Our resources are directed within four areas of program focus to benefit these communities and improve quality of life for adults, children and families. Our giving priorities include Education, Health, Economic & Community Development and Special Projects. Applications in each area are considered through the lens of demonstrated community need, and an organization’s capacity to meet that need.

Program Focus:

  • Education

    Includes projects that address educational disparities and boost educational opportunities for youth. Of particular interest are early childhood education, high school graduation, and college-going rates. We provide support pre-K through high school, as well as to after-school and college/university projects.

  • Health

    Includes giving that supports prevention and health information projects, and direct health services for those in need. Giving is focused to improve health outcomes and address issues of particular concern locally and within Native American communities.

  • Economic & Community Development

    Includes projects that meet the basic needs of families, employment and housing programs, community safety/infrastructure development projects, and financial literacy programs.

  • Special Projects

    In addition to Education, Health and Economic Development, San Manuel also supports Special Project requests. These include the arts, cultural awareness, nonprofit capacity building, environment initiatives, and disaster response projects – particularly those that address local issues and those focused within Native American communities.